Thursday, September 9, 2010


The house product i used was a pretzel. Pretzels are one of my favorite snacks and you would be surprised what what you could to make it taste better. Just kidding, whatever i do, do not eat it, it would taste disgusting.

Physical properties include: 
1. the pretzel is brown
2. Solid at room temperature
3. easily broken in half.

4. easily broken into crumbs

5. the salt on the pretzel dissolves in water

Chemical properties include:
1.Pretzel burns but does not leave ash. Around the burned area, small cracks where observed.
2. Reacts with vinegar and causes the pretzel to be white, and very fragile. All of the salt dissolved.
3. Reacts with pickle juice and turns the pretzel a little bit green, and causes the salt to dissolve. It also caused the pretzel to expand. (picture above)

4. Water causes the pretzal to be very smooth, but does not effect it. only dissolves salt.
5. Sprite causes the pretzel to turn a white color, and when the pretzel was added to the sprite, it fizzed which means a gas was produced. The pretzel became very squishy, looked really clean, and felt like a worm.
My conclusion is that, every time I add a light acid, like vinegar or pickle juice, it does not change state, but changes texture according to the light acid. Every time you add a liquid to a pretzel, the salt will dissolve. So keep your pretzel salty!